Orange County Soul Searchers

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Welcome to Orange County Soul Searchers. Located in Orange County California. We are a small research team dedicated to investigating ghosts, poltergeists and other unseen paranormal phenomena. The team uses and tests some of the most up to date equipment in the paranormal field. Our goal is to document and publish the existence of souls who have past on. We will present you with our findings and evidence of the paranormal realm. Please feel free to check out our pictures, EVPs and videos. Your feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged. Be sure to send us a friend request on our Facebook page @ We post future investigations and more paranormal content which is not included here. You can contact us at or Realize we have jobs and families, so we may be slow in response, please be patient. Due to our busy schedule we can no longer do home investigations at this time, but can possibly recommend other groups who maybe able to help with your home hauntings. Thank you!

Please check out for "Beyond Normal" videos that we have been involved with. They are very good, and we are sure you will enjoy them.


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